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Performer Information
Posted 07/23/2018

Performance Attire:

The over-all goal of our Sukkot Presentation is to share a wonderful and joyous celebration that we will celebrate during the reign of the King and in the New Creation to come.

Our attire will be seen by our audience as a reflection of our respect (or non-respect) toward ourselves and the message we are presenting. The goal is for participants to not have to make purchases specifically for use in this production, but hopefully you will be able to wear clothing items you already own, or can be borrowed from a family member or friend.

Ladies are to dress semi-formal. A dress can be middle of the knee length to mid-calf. Please do not wear a floor-length dress as that is generally associated with formal attire. Dress colorfully but with only one or two colors; no prints, plaids, stripes, etc. Go for your most professional, executive look. This is not a prom or a wedding. "Full" or "poufy" is not the desired look, but "slim and trim" is preferred.

  • Shoes: Please do wear heels. If you are taller you can go for a shorter heel, but please do wear some heel. Make sure your shoes, however, are secure on your feet and that you are able to walk about in stage areas with confidence.

  • Jewelry: Please do wear earrings but keep them small (quarter size or smaller). The problem on the stage is reflection from stage lights back into the eyes of audience members. Necklaces and/or bracelets are acceptable but keep them small and minimally "eye-catching." The goal is to be recognized for a presentation that glorifies God and not for our own individual glamour. Do not wear facial jewelry, tongue rings, eyebrow rings, or any visible piercings other than earrings. If you have a tattoo please cover it for these productions.

Gentlemen are to wear a solid dark suit. If you do not own a dark suit you can wear matching dark pants and jacket with a dress shirt and tie. The jacket or suit can have a print if it is very tight in design and color. As for the ladies, this is not a prom or a wedding. Dress as a business executive.

  • Hair: Get a haircut a full week before the production (so you don't have "whitewalls" around your ears and neck). On the day of production take a full shower, wash your hair and groom as necessary. "Alfalfa" was entertaining because of his hair. We want to be entertaining because of our God-given talent and our presentation of the music. No "Alfalfa" hair!

  • Shoes: wear solid dark dress shoes that match your suit. Clean and polish your shoes. You're not fully dressed with dirty shoes. Wear also solid dark socks that match your suit and shoes. NO WHITE ATHLETIC SOCKS.

  • Jewelry: Feel free to wear watches and rings. Please do not wear earrings, or facial jewelry (including tongue rings) of any kind. If you have a tattoo please cover it.