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The Composer's notes on "Under Your Wings"

When my children were little, I didn't feel that memorizing one or two bible versus was enough for them (or myself). It was during the Gulf War that I was particularly drawn to Psalm 91 both because of what it said and the fact that it had been written by Moses. Under His wings is where I want to be and where I want to remain.

The melody of the song almost laboriously sits on the "9" of the chord in the first part of each verse, demonstrating the unrest I personally felt and feel about the human condition and our proclivity toward sin, yet finding peace in Him. In other areas of the song there are deliberate dissonances that are just a little annoying and may make you want to resolve them, but they also represent our proclivity toward sin and should not be resolved, since we do not receive bodies that are incorruptible until our Messiah comes. In the studio I considered adding bass guitar and drums, but in the end I wanted to promote the intimacy found in one person playing one instrument while singing solo.

Thank you for your interest in this work. May it bless you and your congregation as much as it has been a blessing to us.

Jim Wingerter

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