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The Composer's notes on "To Him Who Gives Us Life"

The writing of "To Him Who Gives Us Life" was different from any other piece I have written. I found myself singing it in tongues repeatedly and hearing all of the orchestra parts in my head while doing so. It was not until more than three weeks past that the Lord began to give me interpretation of the tongues to know what the text was to be. Most composers begin with a text to which they then set the music. The Lord chooses to give me the music first and then the text so that I know that He is the one who gave it to me.

This song is not a biblical quote, but is consistent with our understanding of Him as the creator sustainer of life. It is a strong statement of praise written in the form of a "French March." It is great for advanced winds and beginning or developing string players. It is also great for teaching the correct rhythmic pattern of the dotted eighth note followed by the sixteenth note.

Thank your for your interest in this work.

Jim Wingerter

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