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The Composer's notes on "Thou Art The King"

This great worship song came to me as I was walking through the produce section of the grocery store. As often has occurred I found myself rushing home to get staff paper so I could write it down. It uses a lot of "nines" in the melody resolving to "eights" or octaves from the tonic of the chord. It begins using the old English text of "Thou art the King," but in the second verse restates that text in more modern English, "You are the King." In the third and final statement the focus changes from the self to "body-mindedness" as it states, "You are our King." The ending climaxes robustly and mellows to an intimate end often evoking applause to God.

May this piece bless you and your congregation as it has already blessed us.

James F. Wingerter

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