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The Composer's notes on "The Lord Our Righteousness"

"The Lord Our Righteousness" is taken from Jeremiah 23:5-8. I only put it to music. The words came from God Himself.

It would seem that in the worlds view today, God is finished with His people and His land, Israel; therefore it doesn't matter who lives there or who lays claim to the land; anything for world peace. Who cares? Well I can tell you; God cares! The words written in this song tell it all.

His promise, His plan, is that the day will come when He, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, will raise up a righteous Branch (a Tzemach), a Messiah, to reign and do justice and righteousness in the earth, from His land, the land of Israel. In that day Israel will dwell securely and Judah will be saved! God has His own plan, His own "road map" for peace in His land.

Jorene Garrison

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