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The Composer's notes on "The Lord Our Righteousness"

"The Lord Our Righteousness" is taken from Jeremiah 23:5-8. I only put it to music. The words came from G-d Himself.

It would seem that in the worlds view today, G-d is finished with His people and His land, Israel; therefore it doesn't matter who lives there or who lays claim to the land; anything for world peace. Who cares? Well I can tell you; G-d cares! The words written in this song tell it all.

His promise, His plan, is that the day will come when He, the G-d of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, will raise up a righteous Branch (a Tzemach), a Messiah, to reign and do justice and righteousness in the earth, from His land, the land of Israel. In that day Israel will dwell securely and Judah will be saved! G-d has His own plan, His own "road map" for peace in His land.

Jorene Garrison

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