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The Composer's notes on "In the Quiet Places"

Those who study music theory and composition know that most songs utilize just a few primary chord progressions combined with a simple melody, yet for some reason certain songs just "click" with multitudes. "In the Garden" is just such a song, and in spite of it's 6/8 meter often presented with much too fast of a tempo, it's text deeply relates to the soul of the true believer: those who have received a personal revelation in Yeshua (Jesus). Interestingly, C. Austin Miles, the composer of "In the Garden," presents the story of the hymn from the perspective of Mary Magdalene as she met Yeshua (Jesus) "in the garden" after He was resurrected. For believers who have personally related to this text this fact is frankly a little disappointing.

In the Quiet Places utilizes the chorus from "In the Garden" but presents verses that specifically relate to the individual believer's personal experience. The tense, therefore, in the chorus is taken from speaking about Him (And He walks with me and He talks with me...) to a more personal expression (And You walk with me and You talk with me...). In the third and final verse of the song the text speaks of the corporate experience of the congregation, rendering it a verse we can use in our congregations' worship services.

Perhaps you will agree. May you be richly blessed in Him,

James F. Wingerter

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