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The Composer's notes on "We're Marching Forward to Zion"

Thank you for your interest in this song. It is an uplifting and inspiring march that looks with anticipation toward the establishment of the Kingdom of God with the true and only King ruling over all the earth from Jerusalem.

The work opens agressively with a dramatic solo that should be sung by a dramatic tenor but can also be sung by a dramatic high baritone. The choir parts that follow are not complicated and much of it is unison singing. There is alto harmony in the women's portion of the "B" section and there is divided harmony for all parts in the coda, but vocal ranges remain quite comfortable. In general composers write to communicate text (or a message) and so they are not so concerned about the difficulty singers/instrumentalists encounter. Being a march, this work communicates a militant desire to be a vessel of hastening the coming Kingdom of God (Matthew 11:12; 2 Peter 3:11-12). The most important and difficult aspect for the singers is to sing real sixteenth notes and not the easily produced pattern of triplets, as is often done with the "Battle Hymn of the Republic."

Orchestration: This piece is written for highly advanced brass and string players. Woodwind parts are a little less challenging. There is a piano/vocal score, and an accompaniment track is also available.

May you be richly blessed in Him as you embark upon this work,

James F. Wingerter

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