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The Composer's notes on "Helping Them To Stand"

Thank you for your interest in this song I wrote. One night as I was playing the piano (not anything in particular) the melody for "Helping Them To Stand" came to me. After that, it seemed that every time I would sit down to just "doodle" on the piano, this same melody would come forth - I just couldn't get away from it. I finally realized that the L-rd had a purpose for it, so I wrote it down.

At that time there were several people in our church who were seriously ill, so I initially wrote the words thinking that the message of the song was, "Helping Them (the sick) To Stand," but then I realized that the L-rd wanted the message to be, "Helping them (G-d's people Israel) To Stand." Of course, He wants us to help our brothers and sisters who are sick to stand, but the emphasis of this song and this melody that He had given to me was to be toward His people, Israel. I pray that you will take that message to heart.

May we be a servant to her and a hand extended, helping her to stand strong. Her battle surely is enormous and she needs a trusted friend. The intention of the L-rd from the beginning has been for the church of the Messiah to be that friend.

Jorene Garrison

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