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The Composer's notes on "Heaven and Earth are Full of Your Glory"

Thank you for your interest in this very special worship song. I've always said that a well-written song amplifies the text and expresses it's meaning more fully through the music. We are all highly limited by our language (since Babel), and so there are only a few words (in any language) that we can use to express how we feel about our God. For example, how many words can we use to express love? "I love you," "I adore you," "I cherish you," and now we are running out quickly and revert to "I think of you constantly," "I dream about you," and then terms like "I long to be with you," I yearn to embrace you," etc. I probably, in some form, just quoted thousands of love songs. It is, therefore, this music God gave us that enables us to express similar texts in a huge variety of way. I believe that you will agree that this song greatly amplifies text that has been used often, yet in an especially intimate way, enabling participants a free and open expression of adoration before the Lord.

Bless the Lord who is the embodiment of blessing,

Jim Wingerter

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