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The Composer's notes on "God Will Provide Himself the Lamb"

Thank you for your interest in this special song. Jorene Garrison and I were both just coming to terms with the reality that we could be used as song writers/composers for the sake of the kingdom of God. For me, my close friend, Claren McQueen, had recently shared his experience in writing "Arise and Have Mercy" and how the Lord had literally "dropped" the song into his head. We were open to anything Yeshua wanted to do. Jorene shared a haunting "chorus" with me and it was beautiful but she had no words to go with it. We can all sit around and wait for a lyricist to show up or we can stop and consider that the Lord wants to use us in ways we may have never previously considered. I fasted three days and was led first to Genesis 22; then Exodus 34, then Exodus 6, followed by Genesis 22, and finally Isaiah 53 seeing Yeshua as the fulfillment of the statement Abraham made when he said "God Will Provide Himself the Lamb."

This song has repeatedly been a blessing at many of our Community Passover Seders and we are confident it will be a blessing to you as well. Bless the Lord who is the embodiment of blessing,

Jim Wingerter

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