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The Composer's notes on "Go Through The Gates"

"Go Through The Gates" is the first song of faith that I wrote. It was September of 1993 and I had just completed coordinating a special celebration event with the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem [ICEJ]. The individual who coordinated events for the ICEJ at that time was Claren McQueen, who that week had shared with me how he had written "Arise and Have Mercy Upon Zion." He told me that he was in a session at a conference in Jerusalem and the instructor had just completed reading that biblical text when a friend turn around in his seat and said, "That's a great scripture, someone should write a song to that text." No sooner did he turn back in his seat than the Lord "dropped" the song into Claren's head. He couldn't wait to get out of the meeting to be able to write it down.

The Sunday after the event our pastor read Isaiah 62:10 and a fellow member of our congregation turned around to me and said, "That's a great scripture, some one should write a song to that text." I don't need to tell you that the Lord dropped this song into my head. I was not only amazed with the song but at how beautifully He prepared me to be a vessel though which He can work.

This work of great encouragement and faith is especially good for groups that have strong wind players but beginning strings. It also plays with duple against triple meters. It can be performed by a choral group or sung with a congregation.

Thank you for your interest in this work.

Jim Wingerter

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