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The Composer's notes on "Clap Your Hands"

Thank you for your interest in this special song. I am always amazed at how many songs have been written that are "based on" a psalm or use only a few verses from a psalm. The psalms are all songs and in their original form the entire text of the psalm was presented. "Clap Your Hands" is not based on Psalm 47, it is Psalm 47.

It is impossible to hear or sing this piece and not want to dance, clap your hands, and/or just praise God, which I believe was the original composer's intent as well.

The vocal parts are in some places a little challenging, and sopranos have to pull a forte "G" above-the-staff "out of thin air" toward the end of the "B" section. Its statement of robust praise, however, makes it well worth the investment. This piece is highly edifying to both the singers and the listeners. My prayer is that it is greatly edifying to you and your congregation as well.

Great and wondrous blessings poured out from the Great and Wondrous One,

Jim Wingerter

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