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The Composer's notes on "BOLD Intimacy"

When I was younger I read through the Song of Songs (Song of Solomon) and thought it was a rather interesting story with a rather "lusty" text. I failed to see any biblical relevancy. Later I learned that Sephardic Jews recite the text every Shabbat (Friday night) and that the Ashkenazi Jews read through it on the Shabbat that occurs during the eight days of the feast of Unleavened Bread (following Passover). It is seen as a parable of the relationship between G-d and His people Israel. Suddenly I understood that the text exemplifies not just a healthy, right desire between a husband and a wife but also God's desire for honest, heart-to-heart intimacy with His people. The twelve songs of "BOLD Intimacy" are intended to exemplify and expound on that very desire with the intent of freeing all who listen to a bold of expression of a desire for the very One who created us all. The first song, "Touch Me" takes direct quotes from "Song of Songs." The others do not, but continue in and envelope the fullness of that expression.

May this work profoundly expand your personal relationship with Him, and free you to boldly worship Him.

James F. Wingerter

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