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The Composer's notes on "America, What Will You Choose?"

Thank you for your interest in this choral work with orchestra. This song resulted from preparation our congregation was making for an important conference we held in June of 2003 featuring Gary L. Bauer as key note speaker. Even though we know that in the end, all of the armies of all of the nations will assemble against Jerusalem, we also know that God desires us as a nation to obey Him and know His peace. We rallied together a host of Christians from all over the United States of America to stand against the "Road Map for Peace" (Piece) in Israel. How can Israel give away the land that God gave her, and has the giving up of any land brought any peace to her? Please name one sacrifice that the Islamic Arabs in Israel have made for the cause of peace with Israel? We all signed the petition, but more than that, we all sought the Lord on behalf of Israel and the "Road Map" is dead.

We are now faced with somewhat different circumstances with the election being over and the war in Iraq dragging on. Most Americans today are unaware (or wearing blinders) to the fact that Islam has virtually conquered Europe, and is bearing down on South and North America. For the sake of cheap fuel and "world relations" the United States is being challenged more and more to compromise on her relationship with Israel and to pressure Israel into unbiblical postures. The "Road Map for Peace" (Piece) has given way to the "Disengagement Plan" attempting to force faithful Jewish residents our of their long established homes, moving the graves of their dead parents and grandparents. Now, more than at any other time in history the United States is being weighed in the balance. What choice will this nation make? If we do not deal with Islam now, then the battle will soon be here, just as it is in Israel. As is evidenced by the actions of the people, "Allah" and the God of the Judeo/Christian Bible are not the same. America, do not forsake your God (the God of our fathers, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob (who is Israel) for the moon god (Allah) or any other god.

Sheet music to this composition will be available soon.

Blessings in Him who is able to keep us.


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