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Worship, What Have We Been Missing?

by James Wingerter

"Worship, What Have We Been Missing?" takes a serious look at long-time misinterpreted scriptures and sheds new light on intimacy in worship, the function of "the body," and the greater goal of worship. This book demands an honest hearing and promises to bring new life, stability and purpose to individuals and churches hungering to know deep intimacy in the Lord.

This book was released on March 1, 2010.

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"Finally, a book which contains easily understood precepts and principles which bear forth much fruit in worship! Pastors, worship leaders and believers at large struggle week in and week out to bring praise and worship that is alive and that ministers to the Lord so that He is lifted up. Church members are walking out the doors in droves, Pastors and leaders are resigning in frustration and the enemy has enjoyed confusing and holding back the Kingdom of God for far too long. Biblical solutions and directions in this book are able to break the bonds and bring focus to every believer!

If we are WILLING, He is READY to release the captives and RESTORE praise and worship with signs and wonders following so that HIS Kingdom may advance!"

Nicole Yingling - Fort Collins, Colorado

"There are lots of books about worship, but this book gives a solid Scriptural foundation for Christian worship. It also gives you the tools to recover from Spirit-less worship. Finally, it addresses an almost lost phenomena- body worship that focuses on the Lord instead of the individual. As a worship leader, I highly recommend this book for anyone or any congregation that wants to experience a worship revolution."

Pastor Andy Benedick
Music Director
First Assembly of God
Melbourne, Florida

"I really enjoyed the book, and marked it up quite a bit with notes. I appreciate the biblcal perspective that puts our eyes on higher things than just the music."

James Coe
Director of Music
St. Luke's Lutheran Church
Oviedo, Florida

"Thank You, this book confirms what the Father has been pointing out to me. Too frequently the worship service would end at my church and I would have a feeling of 'is that all?' God (Elohim) does deserve the best from us including higher and better worship than we would give at some sporting event or music concert. I would recommend this book to anyone else feeling that the praise and worship service at their church just doesn't quite accomplish true Worship."

Jerry Rebel - Aman, Jordan

"A great read!
A new eye opening perspective on praise and worship from a musical standpoint that is relateable to all Christians."

Charlotte Reillo - Orlando, FL

"I found this book very thought provoking. The book opens a whole new relm of possibilities for scripture-based worship in spirit and in truth."

Larry Dorcik

book cover

Helping congregations around the world to achieve
a deeper level of intimacy with God!

Television Interview

While in Denver, Mr. Wingerter was interviewed on the KRMT Daystar Christian Televison program entitled "Denver Celebration." It aired on Friday morning, August 13 at 11:00 a.m. Mountain Standard Time. To view this program click on the play icon on the video below.

Part Two

Unfortunately YouTube will only allow videos up to fifteen minutes in length, so we divided the video into two eleven(ish) minute segments. To view the second half of this program click on the play icon on the video below.

Seminars, Worship Sessions, and Book-signing Events are currently being scheduled for a number of locations throughout the United States including New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, Georgia, Texas, Oklahoma, & Colorado. If you would like Mr. Wingerter to make a presentation or share this worship experience with your church community, please contact us.

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